Windwalker Services: Training

Windwalker Services: Training


Windwalker designs and produces award-winning instructional programs and products. They embed research findings and key principles related to learning retention, generational learning, and instructional design for classroom, team-based, and self-instruction. Products include learning magazines, learning simulations, serious gaming, video based scenarios, virtual worlds, and other computer-based approaches. Windwalker's innovative instructional design teams work hand-in-hand with cutting edge developers, programmers, and the best in video, audio, animation, and graphic arts production to create effective learning products. The range of training and communication services and products Windwalker provides include:

Training Assessments, Analyses, and Planning
  • Enterprise-wide and targeted training needs assessments
  • Performance gap and deficiency analyses
  • SME interviews and expert observations
  • Topical research and equipment/ systems analyses
  • Strategic planning for learning and human capital development
  • Curriculum planning and training pipeline development
  • Compliance and program quality assessments

Instructional Design and Implementation
  • Interactive e-learning delivered via LMS, DVD, and the Internet
  • Instructor-led courses and the full range of classroom materials
  • Blended learning programs
  • SCORM and ADA Section 508 compliant programs
  • Self-paced modules and workbooks
  • Seminar planning and facilitation
  • Achievement, mastery, and performance-based assessments
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Kirkpatrick Level 1-4 Evaluations; and
  • Phillips' ROI

Public Outreach and Communications
  • Articles and research and position papers
  • Public speaking presentations and awareness campaigns
  • Radio and television spots and segments
  • Website development
  • Market surveys and focus groups
  • Newsletters, posters, promotional materials, and flyers
  • Advertisements, newspaper inserts, and videotape presentations
  • Exhibits, marketing presentations, and product demonstrations