Windwalker Services: Evaluation

Windwalker Services: Evaluation


Windwalker offers its clients expertise in educational and social science research, survey design, data collection, analysis, and reporting. We have designed and conducted more than 500 evaluation and assessment projects involving mixed method evaluation designs, complex sampling, web- and paper-based surveys, student assessments, in-person and telephone interviews; classroom observations; database development; qualitative and quantitative data analysis; and technical report preparation. Windwalker also has an HHS-approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) that reviews projects involving the collection of data from human subjects. Windwalker clients benefit from the insight our senior research staff bring to each engagement. Our research and evaluation services include the following:

  • Preparing research designs and OMB clearance packages
  • Designing and conducting both original and secondary research projects
  • Developing survey and interview questionnaires and related study materials
  • Managing web- and paper-based surveys
  • Organizing and conducting focus groups and cognitive labs
  • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Preparing analytic and case study reports for both professional and general audiences
  • Conducting formal literature reviews
  • Training data collectors and recruiting respondents

Windwalker has completed studies and analytical reports for the majority of Federal departments, including Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, Education, Energy, and Transportation.

Program Evaluation
  • Grant program monitoring
  • GPRA reporting
  • Summative, formative, process, and impact evaluations
  • Mail- and paper-based surveys, telephone and in-person interviews, cognitive labs, and observations
  • Impact analysis
  • Economic and cost-benefit analysis

Educational Assessment
  • Test and item development
  • Alignment with state standards
  • Recruitment of respondents for national studies
  • Training of test administrators and test administration
  • Electronic and paper test scoring and reporting

Training Evaluation
  • Training needs assessments and analyses
  • Kirkpatrick Level I-IV evaluations
  • Return on Investment studies
  • Performance measurement